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Virtual Baby Showers

Our unique Luxury Baby Shower Gifts registry concept allows expectant parents to create and then crowdfund a Virtual Baby Shower.

What is a ‘Virtual Baby Shower’? Unlike traditional registries where loved ones gift a single item off a registry. We allow friends and family to contribute whatever amount of money they choose towards the total value of your shopping cart. We deliver Luxury Newborn gifts, Baby Gift Sets and expensive baby shower gifts ideas for your newborn babies. Our concept is unique because it allows loved ones the ability to be a part of a very meaningful gift. One that is often for a much larger-ticket item than they would purchase on their own.

We’ve compose a list of luxury baby gift ideas appropriate for Newborn Baby Girls, boys and Gender Neutral Designer Baby Gift Sets. There’s a parents section especially for Mom and dad When the crash gets bigger .The baby showers come around there’s always the hunt for the high End baby shower gifts. The same thing goes with baby births.

It’s simple:

You choose what is in your cart >> your loved one choose a gift amount to contribute >> and once your cart is fully-funded, we ship the contents of your cart to you.

Luxury Baby Gifts Paris
Luxury Baby Gifts Paris

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